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The appliances available at Flexible Solar Panel Guys are lightweight and versatile and this makes them particularly useful if you need a portable solution. The flexible, rollable and foldable solar panels use amorphous technologies which tend to cover a larger area per watt than the crystalline technologies. They also do not use glass and are therefore less fragile and lighter than rigid framed panels and they usually perform well under low light conditions. These types of panels are useful for trekking, cycling and climbing expeditions. They are also used in boats and yachts as they can be tied over a boom.



The Flexible Solar Panel Guys sells its own brand made with unisolar cells and we are proud suppliers of power film. To view products you can visit our stores and check out our flexible solar panels. The staff at Flexible Solar Panel Guys will guide you through the various types of flexible solar panels and the technologies they use; also they will illustrate the working of the solar panels and shed more light on the applications of these products. When you visit us you have the best customer experience and your questions will be answered by the professionals.


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The Flexible Solar Panel Guys provides flexible solar panels solutions that are not provided by any other service provider. The Flexible Solar Panel Guys have produced flexible, efficient solar cells that produce electricity at a lower cost and open up an array of new applications for renewable source of energy. The flexible solar panels consist of thousands of tiny silicon beads bonded in aluminum foil and each bead act like an individual solar cell and the uneven surface offers a larger area for light collection. The versatility of the flexible solar panels at Flexible Solar Panel Guys gives the customers the potential to dramatically expand the use of renewable energy.

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The Flexible Solar Panel Guys have been in the industry for long and have installed flexible solar panels to thousands of clients around, we pride of the best customer service in the industry and a work force that is highly trained and well experienced in the field of flexible solar panels. To get a professional quotation you can call us on 800-614-1532 today and we will get back to you as soon as possible. You can as well book for a personal consultation by dialing 800-614-1532 today.

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The Flexible Solar Panel Guys supplies and distributes solar panels and other equipment, we have been in operation for many years and the good reputation we have created out there is because of the exemplary service that customers receive at Flexible Solar Panel Guys. The Flexible Solar Panel Guys specialize in designing flexible solar panels kits which can be used for motor boats, caravans and other remote locations where there are no mains electricity supply. The Flexible Solar Panel Guys have various distribution outlets where you can purchase all sort of solar panels and other accessories for motor homes, caravans, boats and houses. The Flexible Solar Panel Guys emphasizes on the use of solar energy as it is cheap and free, also renewable and do not have any effects on the environment. Call us today and we will be glad to serve you.

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